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Bocote Art Writes

Welcome to My Blog where I share memories, lesson's learned, art project progress, and my soul.

And I am hoping to get creative feedback and tips from you as well.

I just released my first chapter book, and I am so excited - Adi Mae's Superpower. This is a space to share more of my writings and progress while I am creating.

Adi Mae's Superpower:

When Adi Mae sees something falling from the night sky behind her house she begins the quest of her young life. She uses each discovered gift to build her superpowers. Everything seems easier; she runs faster, speaks more clearly, and contributes where it matters. One by one the strange gifts bring her closer to finding her voice and confidence.

Challenged with finding space in this world and in her large family, she discovers more than she bargained for - she finds her real superpower.

Search Amazon by the title or my name, Dana Wangsgard to purchase or email me directly (

and I will sign a copy.

After you have read the book, please let me know what you thought.

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