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Rabbit Hash

title. The Rabbit Hash General Store,
Rabbit Hash, Kentucky

date. February 24, 2021

size. 6" x 6"

The Rabbit Hash General Store is located squarely in the center of the River hamlet of Rabbit Hash, Kentucky, population 315. The Hamlet is approximately 29 miles from activity and movement of Cincinnati, Ohio, and it may be the last gasp of river edge, Huck Fin, Kentucky whimsey before giving way to suburbia. The town attracts visitors with a longing for peaceful respace from the common cares of the world. The local government, efficiently run by canine mayors, is quick to judiciously nip at trouble and bark at any social inequities within the unincorporated “city” limits.  Rabbit Hash General Store is the heart of the town and the hub for unique friendly hospitality.  

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