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Nature and Landscapes

Taylorsville Park

Completed on a sunny afternoon while painting in the Park.

Tobacco barn 1 - Berea Kentucky 2020

The barn sits across the hay field close to the church on the hill. In its day it was used to prep tobacco for purchase on the open market.

Anglin Falls 1

Anglin Falls, full of the surprises of nature, is hidden just out of the township of Berea Kentucky and is managed by Berea College.

Pinnacles 3 Berea Kentucky

This pinecone was captured in a photograph during a hike to the Pinnacles. The Pinnacles are managed by Berea College.


Proudly displayed on the back deck. No matter the rotation of the pot, the face of the succulent wanted to face Northwest.

The Succulent's friend

This plant lives on the back deck and sets next to the Northwesterly facing succulents.

Pinnacles Berea Kentucky

Pinnacle hiking trails - Managed by Berea College

Pinnacles 2 Berea Kentucky

A study of the leaves on the hiking trail as they are just finished blooming in late May.

If you are interested in any of these prints or would like to commission a custom print contact me at or use the contact page - I look forward to collaborating with you.  

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