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title. Re-Inheritance

date. 2021

Linoleum cut relief, Akua carbon black, Somerset Satin 250 gsm, Mounted on Canson 260 gsm Bristol (10" x 10")

size. 6" x  6" on 10" x 10"

Saint Jude Thaddeus is the Saint of the impossible and desperate causes.  In this print Saint Jude's medallion has been updated to remind us of Jesus' origins and of how far we still must come to promote inclusion and Justice.  Although the path seems impossible the map has been laid out before us.  The steps towards peace are paved through inheritance as outlined by the teachings of Howard Thurman.  This print has been shown in the Juried Art and Social Justice exhibit in Fayetteville, North Carolina May 8th - June 26th.  It will also be shown in the SOS Art USA mini prints or Peace and Justice in Cincinnati Ohio throughout July. 

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