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I Just don’t Understand

To understand the ache calmed by violence

the heinous endeavors that feed carnal instinct of loathing

Deep rooted instinct - old as sand –

instinct inflamed and disgusted by thought of halcyon memories.

To understand the predatory deeds and surplus killings

the inability to halt the formation of abandoned horrors left scattered along the way

Such crimson warning burning into the eyes and soul,

feeding the monster after the song is hushed and the Syrian thistle is trampled to the barren desert dust.

To understand the power and driving force of evolutionary or is it de-evolutionary behavior

The driving behavior to hoard excess cashes and glorify the traditions

Traditions exaggerated by nightly dream and promises of transcendent glory.

Praying never to be released from lucid pre-dawn state that tastes metallic.

I asked Tethys for understand while sitting at water’s edge

Softly, the Damselfly whispers lessons from river reed while nymphs instinctively hunt –

violently execute, killing more than they can eat –

killing for amusement, gaining experience, and filling an insatiable uncontrollable lustful thirst.

I hear the lesson but still don’t understand man’s vile hate

6 million years the warrior drum have beaten through amplifying wave

The harmonic rhythm of heartbeat shared amongst countries and regions wide

Patterns for marches thundering onward chanting rhymes of discipline and order.

I will always break when injustice parades

through living spaces, streets, and festivals

When I am witness to innocent eyes blinded, and mothers minds lost

I reach out to a friend, his grand-daughter is safe.

I don’t understand – I just don’t understand any of it and I sob again.

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