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Six Decades In - (the Ghazal)

I was introduced to the world at a time of fears and war. We ached and mourned with Jackie, then Coretta, through tears and war. Heroes explored the moon – Twas the beginning of leveling. A time of change and discovery – taxed for the spheres and war.

A decade in, Roe vs. Wade, Anti-war, and Civil Rights Tide was turning, we owned a dream – due choices for here and war. A day of political scandal, Nixon and Watergate The public trust was broken, damaged again by liars and war.

Two decades in, and like Lady Diana I got married. We were skinny, poor, stupid, and struggled – found careers and war. Soon a family was made with two children; one each a boy and a girl Between AIDS, the Ozone layer and squabbles, more fears and war.

Three decades in, now we divorce, everything was upside down. At once – Rodney King and L.A. Riots – Officer it’s war. Back to school as a single mother – Engineering degree Going to save the world – but then the Gulf – disappeared and war.

Four decades in – Adulting a while – Dad has Parkinson’s That was mine, he gave me that – numbly determined heirs and war. Remarried, new home, found purpose – destroyed chemical weapons Then the towers fell, 9-11, Iraq within a year and war.

Five decades in, a Doctorate and cancer diagnosis Life stops, my husband fights – Chemo treatments, per server and war. You lose, I lose, cancer and Trump wins – mom falls and passes too. Time crawls but then husband three – guilty voices I hear and war.

Six decades in, things old are new again – pandemic – so tired Political scandal, Roe vs. Wade, homelessness, hate towards queers and war. More physically comfortable than ever, but my spirit sobs. Grandchildren bring joy – peace I pray – for electioneers and war.

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