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Jesus Bobblehead

Protector beneath rearview mirror – Jesus bobblehead dances to his own ballet, Through winding path, both up and down, content and bouncing with gentle steady sway. My engine roars but gas runs low, the long miles and years fly by, Jesus bobblehead deliberately nods, thwarting rage, the finger, and passing evil eye. Through country hollers and wooded hills, loyal and quiet, enjoying another ride, No maps, roadside directions, or GPS needed, the northern star tracks as our guide.

During cold bitter storms or blissful summer days If misguided off-ramp is taken along the beltway, With Jesus bobblehead watching the toll is always paid. We adventure, learn, serve, and drive on, towards the horizon’s end, without exception assured that Jesus bobblehead, no matter, will be a faithful forever friend. One day the car will stop, tires blown, journey over, the short time here will be through, I will leave this world in peace, for Jesus bobblehead’s turn at the wheel is long overdue.

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