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Afternoon Nap - Fair Oaks

Chenille fiber line the ballerina’s form,

She pirouettes as I snuggle warm;

Humming from behind the propped zenith kit,

White noise, ukulele strings, and Don Ho’s favorite hits;

Crimson glowing capacitors slowly burn off the dust,

Someday the electronics will be covered - but for now - just don’t touch.

Sleepless after lunch - respite from childhood cares,

Richards Topical Encyclopedia, another world is in there;

Fifteen volumes of adventure, magic in each paragraph,

Lessons of fine art from the master’s, science, home crafts;

Bright brilliant colors, fairies, pet care, paper Mache

Each volume something to pass time away.

In no time baby sister is restless, her crib begins to creek,

My door opens, you can get up now, softly mom speaks;

Finish the section, just a few minutes more,

Come on and get up, little brother stands at the door;

I set down the book, time for exploring out back,

Swinging, Jumping, climbing, and riding piggyback.

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